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 More than three thousand years have not eroded the distinctive charm of the village of Ein Kerem noted for its unique landscape' a rare combination of Arabic and European-Christian architecture, surrounded by orchards and vineyards, agricultural terraces, and stone walls.
Ancient foundations have been excavated here from the Canaanite era and the Second Temple period, including ritual baths, winepresses, watchman's booths and many more rare artifacts, evidence that, then as now, it has continued to attract believers from around the world, artists, and visitors.

There were even those who dedicated their lives to working here, for society and for life. The bubbling waters of the spring in the village center never failed to quench the thirst of residents and visitors.

The unique light diffused over the village has attracted artists and creators who painted it and wrote poetry to it. Among the alleyways and ancient houses of the village, to the peal of the bells and ancient melodies, the visitor can meet a veteran artist or a craftsman creating new art alongside ancient handcrafts, and enjoy hospitality in a vaulted stone house where delicacies are concocted according to a long- standing tradition.

A visit to Ein Kerem inspires and leaves wonderful memories, perhaps even reveals a little of the secrets of the village, one of the world's most beautiful.

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Hidden between the hills of Jerusalem, on the outskirts of the city, is the picturesque neighborhood of Ein Karem, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Jerusalem.