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The Alegra Boutique Hotel Jerusalem features state-of-the-art spa treatments that elevate your body and soul. All spa treatments are offered in our new indoor/outdoor spa area that is surrounded by our gardens and overlooking the hills of Jerusalem. Our experienced staff will pamper you using the latest techniques that will bring you perfect harmony. Spa treatments include a hot and wet sauna, dry sauna, mini-pool and various massages. 


Treatment menu - Hotel Alegra

 ** It is recommended to arrange the treatments 4 days prior to arrival at the hotel **

Swedish Massage

A pampering massage with the Swedish technique to relax muscles, relieve tension and pressure locked in the body and stimulate blood circulation.

Usually done with almond oil

Duration of treatment: 50 min  \   75 min

Price: 330/600 (single / double)  \  475/920 nis

Deep Tissue Massage

A massage that focuses on releasing the tension that has accumulated in the muscles and tissues surrounding it by affecting the deeper muscles in the body.

Massage is recommended for people engaged in a strenuous physical activity and provides immediate relief to the painful areas.

Duration of treatment: 50 min  \  75 min

Price: 350/670 (single / double)  \  550/970 nis


Treatment based on a healing method that treats the feet as a mirror of the body and therefore foot massage directly affects the corresponding areas of the body.

The treatment removes toxins, relieves stress and helps in solving various medical problems.

Duration of treatment: 50 min

Price: 330/600 nis (single / double)

Pregnancy Treatment

It is given to pregnant women from the end of Week 16 and above. A dedicated treatment that supports body changes during pregnancy, focusing on the release of the lower back and pelvic region.

Treatment of edema in the legs and preparation of the body for delivery is performed only by therapists specializing in pregnancy massage and certificate holders.

Duration of treatment: 50 min

Price: 330 nis

4 Hands Treatment

An experiential therapy performed in perfect harmony by the therapists. The patient experiences rebirth, battery loading, and spiritual elevation.

Duration: 50 min

Price: 560-1000 nis (single / double)

Hot Stones massage

Indian massage performed with stones and deep touch in energetic centers in the body, thus helping to open blockages, tension release and deep relaxation of body and mind.

Duration of treatment: 50 min  \  75 min

Price: 380/720 nis (single / double)  \  550/1000 nis

Alegra Winter Massage

Exclusive treatment combining gentle massage with warm aromatic oils and body peeling.

Peeling consists of salts from the Dead Sea with various plant extracts and it is absorbing deep into the skin, helping to relax the muscles, stimulate the blood flow, clean the skin cells and bring a sense of renewal and purification of the body.

** Treatment can be performed in combination with hot stones.

Duration: 60 min

Price: 450/860 nis (single / double)


** The treatments are done in the hotel's treatment room or in the guest suite upon request

** The above rates are valid for hotel guests only and can be upgraded for 1 hour and a half treatments.

** Please specify preferences for the therapist or caregiver when determining treatment

In order to ensure the best possible treatment, please note:

Treatments for pregnant women will be performed starting from the 16th week of pregnancy, provided that the pregnancy is normal.

It is not possible to order treatments if it has not been 6 months since surgery of any kind.

In the case of a malignant disease, one year must wait for the end of the last treatment.

In case of a cardio problem, high blood pressure, fever, illness, etc., consult the spa manager.

Body treatments will be given to guests starting at the age of 18 only.

Cancellation of treatment must be announced 4 hours in advance, to prevent a charge of 50% from the value of treatment.